Our Mission

Our Mission is to create value from waste with a circular system that regenerates the environment and restores equity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to solve the water, food and energy nexus by giving Papatūānuku a voice on the board and as a shareholder.

We believe

By mixing organic waste streams, we can increase bioenergy yield and provide nutrient-rich fossil-free organic fertiliser; this keeps our waterways clean and decarbonises the waste, energy and food value chains.

Our Values

We follow first principles.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be transferred or transformed. We look to nature for inspiration. We practice creativity, Invite conflict, share honestly, & listen to create an impact that can withstand adversity. We will uphold Tikanga Maori & the Treaty of Waitangi.

Co-designing solutions mean we uphold Manaakitanga.

We value diversity & inclusion and believe we can hold multiple truths simultaneously. Only through sharing knowledge will humanity work together with the urgency required to prevent a climate tipping point. Collaboration is hard work. Building meaningful innovation needs empathy and diversity; we can only achieve this through education.

Restoration of regional biodiversity means we respect Tūrangawaewae

We believe ecological preservation of species requires us to be mindful of our environment. Every region has its ecology; our role is to live in harmony to conserve the local ecology. When this occurs, it restores natural order.

Radically transparent responsibility

Planetary stewardship means looking at the entire value chain for emissions; we can all prosper when full transparency is available, looking holistically at the emissions from an end to an end systems perspective.

Circulation replaces accumulation

We believe money is a tool to solve systemic problems and regenerate communities and natural environments. Its goal is to heal and create shared value. Profits are not the end but rather a means to further progress.