Improved environmental accounting & intelligent systems to future-proof agriculture.

EHF Fellow Harmaan Madon and Dr Kate Meyer of the Planetary Accounting Network to discuss practical industry solutions for tackling the climate crisis.  With a foreword by Owen Gaffney from the Stockholm Resilience Centre, The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and the Global Commons Alliance.


The effects of climate change are already being felt globally; extreme weather events and changing atmospheric conditions are creating massive human costs, such as the creation of climate refugees and new challenges in agriculture. Water and food security are increasingly threatened by pollution, unstable supply chains and unfavourable growing conditions. But although the situation is urgent, reducing emissions is a goal that is often discussed in the abstract. How do we meet the goals of emissions reductions and other sustainability targets while maintaining viable business models? 

Alimentary demonstrates a practical model for regenerative, sustainable and local agricultural systems; the model will address emissions reductions, and key environmental factors identified by PAN such as sustainable land use. 

The Human Superorgamism
An explanation about the energy system and why it is unsustainable