Climate Tech Summit
Celebrating Success in Climate Tech and Innovation

A heartfelt thanks and congratulations to our friends at the Ministry of Awesome for their incredible sold-out Electrify conference, which saw 600 women come together on Wednesday. The momentum continued with the Climate Tech Summit, a fantastic event delivered in partnership between Creative HQ, WellingtonNZ, and Climate Salad.

Highlights from the Climate Tech Summit

Mick Liubinskas of Climate Salad

Mick spoke passionately about the multitude of ideas required to address the cascading climate crises, emphasising the importance of each person focusing on one critical aspect. This is precisely what Alimentary Systems is dedicated to—solving the freshwater challenge.

Abby Thompson from Miruku

Abby Thompson from Miruku

In an insightful session, Abby highlighted the benefits of mixed-use farming, integrating broadacre crops, pasture, horticulture, and livestock. She contrasted this with the pitfalls of chasing scale through monoculture, underscoring its negative impact on land use and productivity. Her talk provided much food for thought.

An Idea Worth Supporting

The Climate Tech Summit also featured discussions on the inefficiencies within the food supply chain. It was noted that nearly half of the produce is wasted due to the profiteering of middlemen. Eliminating these intermediaries could significantly reduce food prices, a concept that, while challenging, is certainly worth exploring.

Meeting Sean Simpson of LanzaTech

One of my highlights was meeting Sean Simpson of LanzaTech, a pioneering deep tech company from New Zealand. We discussed Alimentary Systems' technology and business model. With his impressive intellect and experience, Sean immediately understood our vision. He shared invaluable insights from LanzaTech's journey—over 13 years and $250 million to commercialisation—and offered crucial advice on positioning our business.

Sean's guidance will undoubtedly shape our current capital raise. If you are an investor or a venture fund looking for the next big breakthrough in deep tech in New Zealand, please get in touch with us to invest.

Thanks to Creative HQ Innovation Specialists Colm Kearney, Holly Beals, and GM of Startups Joe Slater for their incredible support for the Climate Response Accelerator; we're former alumni.

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