Alimentary Systems Partners with SiteCare and Smart Environmental
to Revolutionise Waste Management in Nelson

Alimentary Systems Limited, a pioneering company in waste management solutions in New Zealand, has recently announced groundbreaking collaborations with two key players in the environmental sector – SiteCare Limited and Smart Environmental Limited’s division,  Betta Bins. These partnerships aim to address critical environmental issues related to sewage sludge and food waste management.

A Bold Step Towards Sustainable Sewage Sludge Management with SiteCare

The collaboration between Alimentary Systems and SiteCare Limited, a Optima Investment Group Limited subsidiary, is set to transform sewage sludge handling in New Zealand. This partnership recognises the environmental and community challenges posed by traditional disposal methods, such as landfilling and transportation to out-of-region open-cast mines, which have caused significant odour nuisances and environmental concerns.


The primary goal of these partnerships is to find and implement more environmentally sustainable practices for sewage sludge management. Both organisations are committed to exploring innovative solutions that minimise environmental impacts and align with better environmental practices.

Collaboration Framework

The partnership will focus on joint development of technology, leveraging Alimentary’s waste-to-value intellectual property and manufacturing supply chain. Resources, including IP, market expertise, data analysis tools, facilities, and information, will also be shared.

Implementation Strategy

Key initiatives include council and industry waste minimisation projects and community engagement, ensuring the solutions align with community needs and expectations.

Environmental Compliance

This represented a commitment from all parties dedicated to regulatory adherence and achieving sustainability goals, particularly reducing the environmental impact of sludge disposal and zero waste to landfills.

Reducing Food Waste in Nelson with Betta Bins

In a parallel collaboration, Alimentary Systems has joined forces with Betta Bins, a division of Smart Environmental Limited, to tackle the issue of food waste in Nelson. This partnership aims to significantly reduce the volume of food waste sent to Nelson's York Valley landfill with support from the Ministry for the Environment Waste Minimisation Funding. A unique pricing structure will be created, and both parties will work towards promoting food waste diversion.

The parties are outlining plans to expand waste collection services to include restaurant and food industry commercial businesses, separating organic material from different waste streams and exploring opportunities for commercial collection of organic matter.

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These partnerships mark a significant milestone for Alimentary Systems, SiteCare, and Smart Environmental in their joint commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable waste management in Aotearoa. By leveraging each other's strengths, these collaborations are set to bring about revolutionary changes in managing sewage sludge and food waste, aligning with New Zealand's broader environmental goals.

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