Alimentary Systems at the Forefront of Blue Economy
Our Experience at the UNDP AIS Forum

This October, Alimentary Systems had the incredible opportunity to represent Aotearoa, New Zealand, at the high-level UNDP AIS Forum in Bali. This prestigious event, themed "Fostering Collaboration Enabling Innovation for our Ocean and Our Future," was a landmark occasion for leaders and innovators committed to oceanic sustainability and the blue economy.

Our Participation:

Co-founder and Commercial Director of Alimentary Systems Matthew Jackson led our participation. Engaging in various panels and discussions, Matthew highlighted our commitment to sustainability and innovative water management and conservation approaches. This participation underscored our role as a leader in developing environmentally responsible technologies.

Key Highlights:

Collaboration Opportunities: The forum provided a unique platform for connecting with international leaders and exploring potential collaborations. Particularly noteworthy was the commitment of the Indonesian government to invest in wastewater infrastructure, opening doors for partnerships in clean energy and water projects.

Insights and Innovations: Through various dialogues and sessions, we gained valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities within the blue economy. These discussions emphasised the need for sustainable financing, technological innovation, and practical policy frameworks.

Our Contribution: Alimentary Systems showcased its technological expertise and supply chain capabilities. We discussed our plans to establish a demonstration plant in Indonesia, leveraging our unique solutions for food waste management and ocean pollution reduction.

Impact and Future Directions:

The AIS Forum was not just an event for dialogue but a catalyst for action. We are poised to deepen our engagement with key stakeholders, leveraging the relationships and insights gained. Our participation has opened new trade and environmental protection avenues, aligning our efforts with global sustainability goals.


Attending the UNDP AIS Forum reaffirmed Alimentary Systems' commitment to global sustainability and our role in shaping a better future. We are excited to build on this experience and continue our journey towards creating impactful environmental solutions.

Representing New Zealand at the AIS Startup Blue Business Summit 2023